Valley Forge Garden

The joy to explore, to wander and experience the magic of a garden is great pleasure once can have in their life. This 19th century church, now a beloved home looks down into this small patch of earth open and unrealized of turf and unkempt ornamental plants.

An oval path of gravel and rough monolithic stone steps will lead us through past a grove of pawpaw and through layers of herbaceous forbs and grasses. A large shade tree set asymmetrically and beyond the middle of the garden to divide the segment and scrim the space beyond where we come upon a prized swing. A place of refuge now immersed in garden.

Carefully selected deciduous trees will minimize the impact of adjacent architecture and integrate the garden into the surrounding landscape. These trees and herbaceous plants evolve throughout the season changing the space from more expansive to more compressed, purposefully screening what mystery lies around the corner to surprise and delight as we journey along this garden path.