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Philadelphia Flower Show

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In 2021, the Philadelphia Flower Show was held outdoors in FDR Park for the first time in its 150-year history. Never having exhibited before, the outdoor venue and theme of “Habitat: Nature’s Masterpiece” held appeal, as it provided the opportunity to explore ideas about humans and their surroundings, as well as memories of my own childhood landscape.

Growing up in a garden and its adjacent field, creek and woodland, I felt connected to the world around me and wanted to be immersed in the romance of it all—wind and sun, birds and turtles, trees and beautiful plants thriving together. Titled “The Wild Garden”, this design sought to inspire viewers to see themselves as part of nature and to imagine living among the flora and fauna, where a habitat can be created thoughtfully alongside the habitats of others.

Viewsheds of this idealized woodland setting were intentionally scrimmed by native Baldcypress and Hornbeam. Though the layers of plantings were composed to add mystery and a sense of wildness, differentiation and clarity are maintained while blurring the edges. Native flame azalea en masse exude the beauty and abundance of nature.

Monolithic stone steps introduce a humble path meandering through the woodland to a small patio with a neatly decorated table constructed of reclaimed oak. A polished basalt fountain and boulder bench are positioned to welcome guests to a wild place with thoughtful refinement. The intent is a magical setting in nature for loved ones to join each other in celebration while relishing the beauty of their surroundings—a human habitat nested within the habitat of others.


Location: FDR Park

awards & recognition

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Silver Medal

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