Don Pell provides best in class garden design coupled with extensive knowledge of native plants. Through the integration of smart design and strong execution he and his team consistently deliver exceptional results. Our redesigned garden including installing a patio moving existing plants and installing new plantings. His masons and gardeners are incredible to work with and he stand behind his work 100%. Our first project with Don was over 5 years ago and each year we do a little more so that our garden has evolved from a tangled mess to a haven that is truly and extension of our living space
— Amy S
Donald Pell designed my court yard with paths and circles of flagstone and fountains.the planting s are beautiful . People always asked what the plants are because they are not commonly used plants. We also had him do three other gardens for us. All with plants and trees I have never seen before.
His employees do a wonderful job. They clean up everything and take it with them. They are very knowledgeable of the environment and the perfect plant for the location .
We are very pleased with his work and highly recommend him.
Some of the gardens are over three years old and are still beautiful !

— Ann P
Don Pell planned and installed a very substantial garden for our home. Don’s approach to our project was very impressive in that he was planning for a long term goal and had the insight to plan for how the plantings would look several years from now. This was very different from others we spoke with who looked for instant results with no thought for maintenance or the future replacement or removal of plantings that couldn’t thrive in the future. I would describe Don’s style as very natural or “new american.”His plan for our landscape included woodland gardens, meadows and formal gardens around the house. It has been several years (5) since the gardens were installed. Every year I see what his insight has done to increase the value of our property and enriched our lives. We truly enjoy living here more and more every year because of our gardens. I am a professional craftsman and recognize easily the quality and thoughtfulness in others work. Don is very professional and I highly recommend him for your project.
— Tyler D
We are private homeowners in an established community on the Philadelphia Main Line. When we purchased our home in 1997, it has been sadly neglected for many years. Both the interior and the yard were in pretty sad shape. Over the past 15 years we have rehabbed the place and brought it back to neighborhood standards (or better). Donald Pell and his staff have been our landscapers from the beginning. We have been delighted with their personal level of service, attention to detail, and quality of the final result. Passers by always stop to admire our yard, thanks to the effort Donald Pell has put into creative design and execution.
— James C
Donald Pell and his staff are the most professional firm I have used in their field of landscaping and horticulture. Their work is long lasting with a keen eye for enhancing one’s property for the long term. The staff is respectful of the customers property while providing their service, clean, timely and thorough. I have recommended this firm to others who have been equally satisfied. They are visionaries that allow the plantings to mature in appropriate fashion as opposed to providing instant gratification that becomes overgrown and in need of change a few years later.
— Larry K
Thanks for holding our time slot on your project list — and thanks too for the superior work you do. In our 20 years of working with a parade of landscapers, you are the only one who has understood what to plant that enhances the house and blends so well with the woods and the creek.
— Carolyn L
We love the gardens! The front garden is magical with the new grove of magnolias, and the simplification and lowering of the rear garden allows us to appreciate the views of the landscape and the creek… Excellent job! Happy clients!
— John M
Interesting and beautiful designs. Don and his staff are always professional and courteous and totally passionate about what they do! Integrity, passion and vast knowledge of their business are the things that set them apart from other similar businesses.
— Jacqui L