Our Philosophy

Experience Passion

Building gardens is about creating a powerful experience of place and time.

We’ve experienced the most expressive ideals where nature’s meadows and woodlands meet man’s architectural masterworks. Man and nature a harmonious whole. This is our inspiration.

The importance of placemaking

As children we construct private places from blankets, branches and boxes; we find importance in having our own space – the same type of spaces necessary over one’s life. Places fun to explore; places where we find intimacy and repose; places to bring friends and family, places to laugh, dine, places to welcome and say good-bye. Places of experience.

Models for planting designs come from the bold and powerful landscapes in nature. Simplicity and repetition of the right plants in the right places create harmony, serenity, and embrace change. Trees and shrubs are used to frame and modify views, compress space and seat homes gracefully in a landscape. As in nature, bold and powerful drifts of grasses and flowering perennials redefine the grand beauty of nature and what it teaches us. This artful approach to design bridges the gap between those who embrace wildness and those who desire order.

My personal experience began in our family plant nursery where I first noticed the beauty of meadows and woodlands. Later working alongside well respected architects I learned the power of thoughtfully developed places. I hope to inspire others to the excitement that strong architectural spaces combined with dramatic planting can have. Our lifes work is to be productive partners in the community and inspire future generations.  It’s truly a great honor to be given opportunities to build beautiful, healthy livable places.

— Donald Pell