Our garden designs activate landscapes through artfully composed plantings and architectural design, enticing people to explore and discover the healing powers of nature. We draw on these lessons from nature to develop places that evolve as beautifully designed habitats where ecology and people intersect. Yes, these gardens make the planet better by providing healthy habitat for pollinators and wildlife—but they are also about you and the beauty and joy you crave in your life. Those things do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can have it all.

Onsite Meeting

Our team works collaboratively to develop thoughtful solutions for landscape design, drawing from our backgrounds in science and the visual and applied arts. We approach each garden with the goal of creating a remarkable place specific to you and your surroundings. 

The process begins with an onsite meeting to tour the site and discuss your goals for the garden. We feel it is essential to personally experience the space to best understand its creative potential and possibilities.

Conceptual Design & Development

From analyzing the site and its inherent attributes, we develop a conceptual design that focuses on activating your space to create a thriving, dynamic landscape that seats your home gracefully inside it. We believe the best designs result from a collaborative effort between you, our team and qualified building and design trades.

We imagine the landscape as a set of events and experiences one is tempted to experience throughout the day and across seasons. Trees frame and modify views to create mystery. Shrubs and perennial beds compress space, drawing one deeper down pathways that lead to a patio or connect to places of respite that envelop and comfort.

Our clients often find it helpful during design development to visit our studio gardens to experience an immersive naturalistic garden firsthand. Once the conceptual design is agreed upon, we develop budgets for construction to inform decisions about material specifications, including plantings, hardscape and landscape lighting.