We play a primary and integral role in the construction of the gardens and landscapes we design. Our highly skilled and experienced team is always on site to install and oversee progress on your build. We handle prepping the site, amending soils, installing hardscape and planting.

I personally lay out all of our gardens to create a living work of art with a sensitivity to the intricacies of the site. This work has been informed by 30 years of work and a dedication to the exceptional. I am also committed to hand selecting materials at nurseries and quarries to ensure quality and character for the longevity of the garden. 

We source our trees and plants from trusted growers. To further ensure availability of the plants we specify, we propagate harder-to-find varieties at our small nursery at the Studio Gardens. Though these plants are often not purely native, we have found that diversity and novelty in plant compositions best guarantee success and long-term beauty and sustainability.